Exhibition of Svend’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Private View Wednesday 1st April – 6pm to 8pm

Photo by Joanna Filer-Cooper

Photo by Joanna Filer-Cooper

Svend Bayer was born in Uganda to Danish parents.
After studying at Exeter University he worked with Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge Pottery from 1969 to 1972 when he joined the Brannam Pottery in Barnsatple. He worked there as a thrower for a year. After travelling in the Far East, Asia and the U.S.A., he set up his workshop in Devon in 1975.

Michael Cardew said of Svend Bayer “He is more than just a potter, he is a force of nature. ……   he is easily my best pupil’’
Bayer has exhibited widely in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia. He makes his wood-fired stoneware pots in rural seclusion in Devon using a cross-draught, single-chamber 800 cu.ft. kiln,
Best known for his large garden pots he also makes domestic ware.


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I am a member of the Kigbeare Kiln Team.
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1 Response to Exhibition of Svend’s new work at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

  1. Adele Davison says:

    Hi Sven, I have just been watching the Goldmark film about your life and work. It is completely fascinating – and very uplifting. I came across it because it was linked from David Binns’ website and I was having a look there because I’m about to start MA Ceramics at UCLAN where David is course leader. I saw you throwing (and then breaking up!!) one of your huge pots at Art In Clay 2012 and was fascinated at how easily you created it (and destroyed it!). We were on the Newcastle College stand (close to where the lady reversed her invalid chair into one of the stands – a moment that is fixed in my mind for eternity!) Your film has really inspired me. I am intrigued by what you said about wood-fired pots having hidden stories whereas gas/electric fired pots are pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’… I don’t agree entirely but I do know EXACTLY what you mean. I have a wood-fired mug (not made by me I hasten to add) sitting right here beside me as I type and it is covered with the adventures of the its firing and I see new marks and colours every time I use it. Hope that 2015 has been a good year so far. Might see you at another show some time soon. Best wishes, Adele

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