Getting ready for the firing of the new kiln

Svend is making lots of pots to fire in the new kiln. The pottery is slowly filling up, planks  are loaded with raw pots waiting to be bisque fired.

Pots on shelves                           bowls on bench

Decorating a large bowl

Svend never used to bisque fire his pots, but he has been doing it for a few years now since he became interested in Japanese and Chinese glazes. His glazes mainly consist of Celadons, Shinos and Tenmokus but every firing produces a different result, so nothing is ever the same.

ready for biscuit          Ready for biscuit

A biscuit kiln is on the cards, but until he has made his mind up about his kiln design, Svend has access to an electric kiln at the Kigbeare Studios and Gallery in Kigbeare near Okehampton.

Packing for transit                        Packing for transit

Below, the pots have arrived at Kigbeare, some safely, some not…

Pots stacked at Kigbeare                                            more biscuit ready potsstack of pots                         Getting pots out of tubs.

An electric kiln at Duckpool cottage is out of the question, so the biscuit kiln will either be fired with propane gas or wood, depending on which is the most economic source of fuel.

In the meantime, the raw pots have to be transported by car to Kigbeare, which is not really practical and breakage is inevitable as shown below.

pots lost in transit


About ashpots

I am a member of the Kigbeare Kiln Team.
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5 Responses to Getting ready for the firing of the new kiln

  1. Cary Hulin says:

    Tough way to make grog


  2. Wish I could go shopping after they were fired! I think I saw my name on a few of those pieces! ;D


  3. simone young says:

    cant wait to see the finished product


  4. Amy Edwards says:

    Lovely to see the photos. They remind me of my visits to help with firing. Good times 🙂


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